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Our condolences to the families of...
These fine people related to the class of 1968 have recently passed away. Most obituaries can be found at
Last Post: Feb 9th 2022
# of Topics: 150
Prayer List
These folks are in our thoughts and prayers.
Last Post: Jun 12th 2011
# of Topics: 20
Share your stories before you forget them...
Here is the place you can share some school memories, maybe even admit to a prank or two.
Last Post: Feb 27th 2010
# of Topics: 2
Come Join Us
Activities for members of the SCHS Class of '68
Last Post: Aug 1st 2018
# of Topics: 110
Looking for a classmate? Shout out here.
Last Post: Nov 4th 2009
# of Topics: 1
In the armed forces...
If you have a family member who is now serving in the armed forces, tell us about them and how we can contact them with our support and good wishes. If you've already served, share a comment here.
Last Post: Aug 1st 2019
# of Topics: 6
Family stories and accomplishments...
Share a little about your family, anniversaries, birth announcements and your life since SCHS.
Last Post: Jul 17th 2011
# of Topics: 6
What do I regret NOT doing in High School?
We may regret a few things that we did in high school, but what about the opportunities that we missed? Is there anything that you wish that you had done and didn't?
Last Post: Apr 2nd 2009
# of Topics: 1
Vacation stories
Post a vacation photo and share some travel memories. Where in the world has the SCHS Class of '68 visited?
Last Post: Jul 25th 2009
# of Topics: 4
Tellin' on the Teacher
Last Post: Jul 26th 2009
# of Topics: 2
Sign of the times...
What have you read that describes the changing times the best...
Last Post: Dec 8th 2009
# of Topics: 10
Remember the music!
What do you remember about the music, the dances, the songs, the bands?
Last Post: Jan 7th 2013
# of Topics: 1