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Hello from Jeannell
After leaving Salem, I lived in St. Louis, Huntington Beach and Houston. In 1989 I moved back to Salem with my son, Shawn - then 12. My brother Ron was
diagnosed with a brain tumor and I thought I could be some help. My parents were still here and the option of raising a boy in Salem contra Houston seemed an easy choice. For those of you that knew Ron, he had the very best sense of humor ever and never lost his sharp wit. He did loose his battle with cancer on January 22, 1995.

My son is enjoying life in St. Louis with a lovely girl and a very large dog. I have been a travel agent since 1972. After moving back to Salem, I opened Salem Travel in 1990. It's a nice business for a small town and has been very good to me. On a cruise to Australia and New Zealand in January 2002 I met my Sailor, Mike Charman. He is a lot of things to me but
definitely my best souvenir! He could be an ambassador for Southern Illinois, he loves it here! On April 1st we celebrated our fifth wedding anniversary. Mike is the Chief Electrical Engineer on the Norwegian Jade. He's gone 10 weeks and home 10 weeks, just one reason why he's the perfect
husband. We live on Raccoon Lake in Centralia and couldn't be happier. We have two little sailboats and a pontoon on the lake and Mike's Saddler 34 in
Norway. When we retire we hope to spend more time sailing. I'd never been sailing until I met Mike, everyone should give it a try, and it's addictive!

So - There's my story. Stop by the travel agency and say hello next time you are in town.

Yes, we loved Graceland and Beale Street in Memphis. Camp photos are fun, who can top this?

Bye for now, Jeannell Gaston Charman

PS - I am thrilled to be working with the committee on this website. We invite you share your memories and photos help us build the site.