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Lynn Donoho
I remember Lynn as a quiet kind of guy. He'd speak if you said hi, but maybe I just didn't get to know him well enough for him to open up. I was in the Air Force in Kansas when I heard he got killed. I've been to "The Wall" on several occasions and stood by his name.
Maybe he knows something we didn't... Image
Profile picture Bradley Woodruff Re: Lynn Donoho
I posted a remembrance to Lynn on the virtual Vietnam memorial wall, essentially thanking him for serving and sacrificing while the vast majority of us took a pass, that he had taught us through his death how to better live and the price our country pays to serve democracy's interests. I related the story wwe had heard of his death...something like he was shot from behind as th elast man in line by a sniper...well about two or three years after I posted that I got an email from one of his buddies that served with him and was ther when he died...he told me how it really happened...Lynn was on point, (he volunteered) out in front of his squad looking for the enemy, as his squad turned a corner on a jungle path they found him dead-sitting against a tree-he had been shot in the head. He said Lynn was a hero and an inspiration to him and thanked me for posting a remembrance to him. Unfortunately, the server crashed on the virtual wall website and Lynn's page was lost... and as of two weeks ago was still unrecovered. Just thought you might like to know.