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Profile picture Chris Allen Brown
Sharon Brown Elwood having surgery
Just wanted to let everyone know that Sharon Brown Elwood, a member of the radiology faculty at Kaskaski College, daughter of Chris and Charolette Brown, fell last week and fractured her mandible. Her jaw was fractured in multiple areas and she broke several teeth. She is getting surgery Dec 17th and her jaw will be wired for three weeks. Her address if anyone would want to send a card:
Sharon Elwood, 6354 Shuler Rd., Salem, IL 62881

Profile picture Jeannell Charman Re: Sharon Brown Elwood having surgery
Sharon, so sorry to hear about your fall. We'll be praying for a speedy and complete recovery. All the best, Jeannell & Mike
Profile picture Rita Wade Re: Sharon Brown Elwood having surgery
Oh, my gosh, Sharon, I am so sorry. Chris and Charlotte, your daughter will be in my prayers. This sound excruciating! I hope she is much better by now. Rita