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Profile picture Brenda Loew
Kenny Green after 1968
Hey there Kenny/Ken/Mr.Ken! I'm so glad that you checked in and let us know what all you have been doing for the last 40 years or so. It all sounds so interesting! Who knew that getting out of the field of education could lead to all of that? Obviously I didn't, or I wouldn't have spent 34 years as a school librarian. I just saw the pictures of your grandchildren that you posted. How adorable! I'm glad that your son and his family talked you into putting them on the site. Now we just need them to talk you into posting a picture of you. I hope that you will keep in touch, and that if you ever get back to Salem that you will let us know. We are trying to get members of the Class of '68 together for lunch once a month and would love for you to be able to join us.

Profile picture Jeannell Charman Re: Kenny Green after 1968
What an interesting and gratifying life! I remember you as being a really physically fit guy and it looks like that hasn't changed much with your biking and hiking. Bev Stonecipher-Tozer is in Scottsdale. You might drop her an email from this site. I'm not sure who else is in your area. It was great to hear from you. Keep in touch. Jeannell
Profile picture Charles Huff Re: Kenny Green after 1968
It was good to hear from you; I've tried to search for you on the internet in the hopes of connecting up. After reading your short bio, I wonder if you have run into my sister-in-law who is also a cyclist. She was recently out your way for the leukemia benefit ride around Lake Tahoe. Drop a line to me sometime at Would love to get caught up a bit more. Charley Image